Limbert Gonzales


Artist specialized in contemporary Amazonian art from Peru, having received his training at the Usko-Ayar painting school. Born in Ucayali, Peru, Limbert grew up surrounded by the Amazon rainforest, where contact and interaction with nature are constant, which led him to become interested in Amazonian art. In 1992 he met the visionary master painter Pablo Amaringo, Director of the Amazonian painting school USKO-AYAR who recognized him as one of his disciples in life, Limbert Gonzales is an artist who is dedicated to teaching neo-Amazon painting in a way Free to children and young people of the Peruvian jungle.

In 2003 he began to paint visions of ayahuasca and other medicinal plants. He is recognized by THE Ministry of Culture of Peru for his work and career in this artistic field. Currently his works are widely recognized throughout the world for their colors and interpretations of the healing medicinal plants of the Amazon rainforest.